Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching involves identifying your best skills and natural abilities to help you find a career that will allow your strengths to be in the driver's seat of your work life, rather than having your weaknesses constantly tested. It can be useful to talk it out with someone when you are considering your first steps as you leave home, or if you're contemplating a career change.  We will identify your core abilities and skills and work on developing the confidence you need to pursue your dreams.

Goal Setting

When you get busy do you find yourself shifting from one task to another feeling scattered and not getting very much done? Without a clear plan and direction for ourselves how do we decide where to allocate our energy? Setting goals and laying out plans to achieve them keeps us focused on our priorities and motivated to keep going when the results seem far off.  I have exercises for developing, short, medium and long-term goals, measuring progress, overcoming hurdles and getting my clients moving in the right direction.