Whether it is with your spouse, children or other important people in your life, the quality of your most important relationships determines more about your satisfaction in your life than almost any other factor.  Some conflicts come and go in any relationship. Others only grow over time or repeat frequently until the relationship becomes damaged, shallow or constricted. Closeness or cooperation are lost. I have a process and strategies for creating deep, compassionate listening, understanding, and healing for the damage in the relationship, so you can achieve the closeness and connection in your most important relationships.


Multi-generational relationship repair: 


Sadly, there is a growing trend in our culture of adult children having more distant, shallow, and constricted relationships with their parents or cutting off contact with them completely.  This leads to increased social isolation for the parents, a lack of support for the children and can impact relationships with grandchildren and other extended family members. But it does not have to be this way.  I have a process for guiding adult children and their parents through a relationship repair process that leads to more closeness and the healing of old wounds. It takes a commitment on the part of both parties to work on the relationships and themselves as individuals. It also involves deep compassionate listening and tolerating anger and conflict, but the resulting connections can be priceless and life-changing.


Relationship Repair